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20 Best Facebook cover photos

Busy routines of our life made our connections with the people limited, people became too busy with their lives that they had not enough time to know what is going in the lives of their friends and relatives. Here the social websites played a major role in connecting people and bringing them closer.   

Social websites made it possible to connect to people no matter in which part of the world they lived in.  Few people use social sites as business purpose so for them, their profile status and appearance were a great deal. Thus, Facebook had added a cover photo option earlier which provides background to profile picture. People who were not using Facebook that much, they too used cover photos to provide their profile as a great look and very soon it started as a trend but now it is a common thing. 

Thus, we are here with a list 20 Best Facebook cover photos divided into four different categories, this division is due to the presence of different people with the different mindsets. So lets now begin with our list.   

Funny Cover Photos for Facebook

If you are a person who enjoys life and has a lot of fun and wants to represent your profile as funny person then these cover photos will be the great help to you.  

Funny facbook caver photo

This image is inspired by a very famous cartoon series Simpsons. If you are a person who loves sports and is lazy this will be a great choice for you.  

Funny facbook caver photo

This cover will definitely make the person seeing your cover photo burst in laughter.  

Funny facbook caver phots - Funny quotes

This will be a great choice to show that you hate your boring job and miss all the laughter and fun.  

Funny facbook caver photo - food quotes

If you are a foodie there will be no other cover photo that will touch your feeling like this one.  

facbook cover photo - motivational quotes

A funny way to represent optimistic nature of yours.  

Inspirational Cover Photos for Facebook

If your profession is related to teaching or helping people inspirational cover photos will the best suite for you.  

Inspirational Cover Photos  - facebook cover photos

A cover photo that inspires people to follow their dream and start making changes in their life.  


Inspirational Cover Photos   for fb

Whoever will see this photograph will definitely remind them that if they put required efforts they can get the thing that they want to attain in their life.   

Inspirational facebook Cover Photos  

Life is made by the small moments that everyone misses to live in chasing the big moments this photograph will help them to understand the significance of life.  

If you’ll choose this photo as your cover photo it will definitely show your optimism and dedication towards your goal.  

Inspirational facebook Cover Photos   - dream quotes

A photo that sends the message that one should not leave the opportunity that life has represented as risk though disguised as a risk.  

Nature Cover Photos  for Facebook

Nature photographs look lovely on the cover photos, they add charm to the profile.  

Nature Cover Photos  for facebook

A mesmerizing photograph of beautiful autumn trees, which will be best for your profile.  

Nature facebook Cover Photos - snow falling

This the best winter cover that you’ll find on the internet.  

Nature Cover Photos  for facebook

This a beautiful morning photo of a farm.  

A perfect picture of Chamomile flower near a fence - fb cover photo

A perfect picture of Chamomile flower near a fence.  

beautiful sunset of Shanghai. facebook cover photos

This photo shows the beautiful sunset of Shanghai. The city looks more beautiful at sunset.  

Abstract Fb Cover Photos

Abstract covers are generally used by youngsters and it looks cool on your profile.   

Abstract Fb Cover Photos

A colourful painting of night and rain, the walking path just looks great.  

Abstract Facebook Cover Photos

This is an abstract eagle flying through space, radiating colours this can be the great choice for abstract covers.   

Abstract Facebook Cover Photos

Outer space detailed abstract cover that will look wonderful on your profile.  

Abstract Facebook Cover Photos

A colour splash seems similar to colour bomb is suitable for your Facebook profile.  

This is a beautiful and colourful abstract colour steam cover.  

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Hope you people have selected your desired facebook cover photo from our list of 20 Best Facebook cover photos. If you people have any suggestions then do let us know via comment.

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