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4K Computer Monitors and 4K TV’s Explained

4K Computer Monitors and 4K TV's Explained

We’ve all already heard of the growing trend of 4K technology being much better than fully high definition, and there’s nothing further from the truth. The wave of the future from a viewable standpoint is 4K or UHD resolution, but the resolution only matters if devices support it. With the growing trend of tomorrow well beyond the trends of today, understanding the differences of 4K computer monitors and 4K TV’s is extremely important.

Right now, 4K technology is the talk of the town, but much of the focus is on tomorrow’s trend in viewable technology. Sure, you can rush down to the local electronics store and buy yourself a top of the line 4K TV or computer monitor, but it doesn’t exactly mean you’ll be able to take full advantage of the 4K resolution.

Much of this is because most of what we view, and more importantly what we view from isn’t quite adapted to 4K resolution. Confused? In simpler terms, when viewing something whether it be cable TV, live streaming, Xbox gaming, or any other device being ported through your TV or monitor must support 4K in order to view it in full 4K resolution.

Truth About 4K Computer Monitors

Today, most devices don’t support a resolution of 3096 x 2160 so it’s somewhat of a moot point, but it is true that the trends of tomorrow are moving us in that direction. Kind of like how high definition devices weren’t exactly a household commonality, but they are now.

Much of what we view on our TV’s such as cable, digital satellite, live streaming from your Playstation or Xbox console don’t support 4K resolution. On the other hand, much of what we view on our computer monitors such as internet streaming and the operating systems themselves do support higher outputs than high definition.

Right now, you can go out and buy a new computer monitor and it will function out of the box by sampling increasing the resolution to at least 3840 x 2160. While doing so, you can expect a sharp, crisp, and vibrant viewing experience that will be even clearer considering you’ll be sitting much closer to your monitor than you 55” TV. The increase in pixel density will be much more pronounced to the naked eye when sitting closer then further.

In short, if you’re considering a new purchase of a 4K computer monitor or TV, taking into consideration of not just today, but tomorrow will help you capture the full effect. While 4K or UHD resolution is definitely the wave of the future, the current trends of today haven’t quite caught up yet.

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