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5K Computer Monitors, a Look Beyond 4K Resolution

5K Computer Monitors, a Look Beyond 4K Resolution

As most of us are still getting around to understand 4K technology, and new breed of resolution is looming on the horizon. It’s only a matter of time before a 5K resolution monitor or TV set takes over what we know today as ultra-high definition. With the continual changes in technology that is, and will be the case, the time for tomorrow isn’t exactly here yet, but it will be.

There are only a few manufacturers that are dedicated to devices running a true 5K resolution. Apple, which is hands-down one of the biggest, and most innovative tech manufacturers launched their first 5K device a few years back. The first Macbook offering Retina Display is still today one of the only devices to offer a resolution of 5120 x 2880.

4K Computer Monitor

To say the 27” iMac featuring a true 5K resolution is anything less than spectacular would be an understatement which is where visual trends for tomorrow is heading. We’re already hearing about one day seeing 8K resolution which is sure to happen, but for now, most of us are still a few numbers behind.

Today, many manufacturers are still looking at 4K technology much less than something higher, and most devices on the market are still stuck on high definition. To make it easier to understand, a true HD resolution is 1080p and each “k” upgrades the resolution by 1 times. In other words, 4K is four times the resolution of standard HD and 5K is five times higher.

The problem with varying degrees in resolution today is not the desire to want something bigger, and much better visually, but instead, finding peripherals and applications that can support it. Buying the next best thing sounds good on paper and looks even better on the showroom floor, but it’s only good as what’s being ported from peripheral to screen. With most apps, video game consoles, and streaming services only supporting high definition, in most cases it’s difficult and nearly impossible to view in 4 or 5K resolution.

Viewing on a 5K computer monitor is slightly different than viewing on a television set in that the viewable surface offers enough real estate for something else to view. Confused? When viewing content such as a picture, web page, or video streaming that was created in 4K on a 5K monitor gives you more room on the sides of the screen to open more windows. This bodes well for those who multitask and work well with more windows open simultaneously on the same monitor instead of having more than one monitor running side by side.

There’s no denying that viewing on a 5K computer monitor far supersedes anything we’ve seen before, but a bigger problem is I can count on one hand how many monitors there are. Apple has the iMac and Dell has the UP2715K which is an amazing monitor, but if you’ll be hard-pressed to find more.

The price of either Apple’s all in one or Dell’s 5K monitor is enough to have you look the other way, but we’ll safely say this too will change. As other manufacturers look at 5K resolution computer monitors the price is sure to drop, more monitors will be introduced, and more support will become available.

As competition drives an industry including computer technology, the future of 5K technology will be here, but it’s any guess as to when.

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