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What App Content Can Stream in True 4K Resolution

What App Content Can Stream in True 4K Resolution

One of the biggest misconceptions of 4K TV’s is that simply purchasing one will give you the best viewing experience. While in theory this is right, but in reality this is 100% wrong. The downside of 4K viewing is that there are only a handful of apps and streaming services that support true 4K viewing. Much of what we would watch on our TV’s such as cable, digital satellite, and even app streaming services do not support 4K streaming, which is problematic in its own right.

YouTube is the biggest streaming service that supports 4K resolution, but unless you only intend to stream YouTube videos you may not get the entire experience. While there are other apps and services that support 4K streaming, it pales in comparison to what you can watch in full HD.

The good news is that 4K support has increased significantly since debuting a couple of years ago, and will only increase in the coming years. As was the case with 1080p viewing, finding devices and support for high definition years ago is nothing compared to what it is today. Now, you’ll be hard-pressed to find any streaming service that doesn’t offer a true HD experience.

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There’s no denying the significant improvement in 4K viewing as HD offers a 1080p resolution while UHD offers a minimum of 3840 x 2160. This is four times greater than high definition which means a clearer picture, better color quality, and much better graphics. Some would disagree as some analysts believe that a very good HD device can give you 4K quality when comparing them with the naked eye, but we’ll let you decide.

There are some very notable streaming services that offer 4K support such as Netflix, Amazon, VuDu, and YouTube. These can easily be accessed with a SmartTV that allows you to access the services through applications with many of them coming preinstalled. One thing to consider is that you’ll have to have a good internet connection with speeds at least 15 Mbps, while it’s recommended to look for at least 25 Mbps.

DirecTV markets 4K support, but this only pertains to movie rentals. If you’re hoping to watch one of the hundreds of digital channels in 4K you’ll be severely disappointed as this has yet to become a reality. While it’s expected to happen sometime in the distant future, there’s no specified timeframe as of yet.

Look for more 4K support in the coming years, but for now, you may want to stick with your HD device for the ultimate viewing experience.

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